Welcome to our fansite featuring the Swiss/German family TV series „Ein Haus in der Toscana (A House in Tuscany)“. This series comprising 23 episodes deals with the experiences of the Donner family from Freising near Munich, who buys an old dilapidated farmhouse in Tuscany. Directed by Gabi Kubach, it was filmed in two seasons in the late 80s and early 90s from a screenplay by Sylvia Ulrich and broadcast on ARD from 1991.

Online since October 2013, we have collected and prepared for this website a wealth of information about „Ein Haus in der Toscana“, primarily about the locations and the actors. What will eventually be the scope of this website? Well, Julius would say that the history of this fansite has just begun and we ourselves do not know where we will go from here. In any case we are happy to have welcomed more than 1,900 visitors after just twelve months and nearly 7,500 visitors in our second year!


We will try to leave this everlasting building site always reasonably clean and tidy, we appreciate your feedback and welcome your suggestions. Have fun with browsing!

Münster, October 2016